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What is blogging, really? The Introduction

I used to say and think that blogging was the easiest thing I could ever do. I take back my words.

When I created this blog in June, I thought it was going to be all systems go; post my first entry (which I did here), get traffic (mmmhhh I’m a dreamer), start making money in my first week (too early to be thinking about money in the first place…), be famous (for what?!)…

 If you think this is wishful thinking then you’re right. I actually was not expecting to do any work. After all, wasn’t I only going to publish my posts? I love writing, so that wasn’t going to be a problem, or was it? Boy was I wrong on this one!! If you look keenly, you will notice that the URL to this blog is instead of; courtesy of a mistake I made while trying to edit this blog. That is when I realized that I was totally green! I had no idea of what was going on!!

After my third post, I found myself with more questions to which I had no answers. What are widgets and how do I get one? What is RSS feed? What on this planet earth is search engine optimization and how do I write key word articles? How do I add pictures to my blog or how do I tweak its features? What is my niche?

  Truth be told, this is a very demanding hobby. You just don’t wake up and write aimlessly and expect to write something someone out there will love (I really wish I could do this often, it takes me even weeks to simply put my ideas in order, at times I post as I think!). And then there was this issue of traffic. How was I going to get people to actually want to visit my blog again and again and again?

Experience is the best teacher. I have made soooooo many mistakes and in turn learnt soooooo many lessons (I’m still learning…). This is all worth it, that’s why I’ll be covering the joys and pains of blogging in this blogging series. Be sure to check back soon for the latest info.

Until next time…


Women and Basketball

The WNBA Logo

Check out the detailed history from Wikipedia

Women sports have come a long way the world over. Today I particularly focus on basketball.James Naismith invented the game in 1891, but Senda Berernson adapted the new rules for the women. The first known game was between Stanford and Berkeley(the score was 2-0 in favor of Stanford hehe).Another phenomenal group, The All American Redheads have helped shape women basketball as we know it today.The WNBA recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.

The All American Redheads were sensational.The team was honored by the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame for their contributions to the game. They were  included in a display entitled “Trailblazers of the Game” at the 2011 Induction Ceremony on June 11, 2011.Take a look at their heydays.

There was also another league-The American Basketball League-which ended after just two seasons but whose contribution to women’s basketball is huge.

I take time today to honor the great women in basketball for their their contribution towards the game and for opening up the numerous possibilities we now have at our disposal. Thank you all for your courage, we shall fight on.

How to choose a laptop that suits you.

O.K so I want to buy a laptop to upgrade from my 11 year old desktop. It’s old but very valuable since it has helped me discover this online world. Thus upgrading it doesn’t mean I’d be getting rid of it! Looking at the various options in the market has left me flabbergasted!! From luxury brands like Sony’s Viao and Samsung, to enthusiast’s gaming monstrosities like Titan 17 from Maingear and M18x from Alienware… to the usual brands like Hp, Toshiba, Apple and Dell, to the new Chrome-books from Google not forgetting the amazing Fujitsu… mind you I have not mentioned all the players. This has left me at a loss. Which one of them all do I take home with?

I realize that I will have to write down some guidelines to point me towards my ideal machine. If you are in the same predicament, let’s discover together!

Firstly, I’m on the internet for a big chunk of my time in front of a computer, so I need a computer that gives me fast connectivity options like Bluetooth Wi-fi and Ethernet. While I’m at it, I might need to communicate with my clients and friends or family when I’m away using Skype or attend a video conference so a quality Webcam is necessary. I prefer great visual quality for my media (that is why I’m having trouble letting go of my beloved CRT) therefore my laptop must have decent to great graphics. I’m so in love with video games right now (The Sims3 to be precise). My laptop has to be able to do some decent gaming!! I wouldn’tmind an 18” power-house but since mobility is an issue(that’s why I’m getting a laptop in the first place right?), I’ll just settle for a 13”-15” machine (sadly “sniff”).

I have also be moving around quite a lot lately, so portability and battery life will be crucial. The gaming and media plus a huge work load demand that I have large and quality memory (especially RAM). Lastly but by no means the least, how much are you willing to spend on your laptop? As for me, for now, I’m willing to spend not more than $1100. The above parameters are just mine. And with a little research, I have found that the Dell XPS 15z (with alot of pain and hagling comparing it to the Macbook Pro, HP Envy 14 and Lenovo Thinkpad x220) is the best machine for me at the moment.

Dell XPS 15z
Dell's XPS 15z

This baby is cool, no?

Dell’s XPS 15z


I would not have mind owning the little monster that is the M11x but the 11″ screen… Plus, I’m not a hard-core gamer yet! Of course I had to sacrifice some things over others like performance over battery life, but it’s not far off from my expectations. Do you think I made the right choice? Well, I’d also like to know your feelings. Please take part in the poll(s) below. Remember, your views and insight is highly valued here. In doing so you help others (me included :D) get better. Let’s do this!!

Until next time…