Blogging tidbits

Blogging can be such a hustle, or such a breeze, depending on how you approach it. Well, there are key things to consider when writing a blog that can determine its success or failure.


Well written entries will attract you a loyal legion of readers. If you make several typos in the first, second, third, fourth… then “Huston, we have a problem!” There are several tools available to help you to this effect like Grammarly or alternatively, you could send a copy of your post to your friend who is well versed in this area for critical insight before you post it.

I most often than not tend to bend this rule because I try to write as I would talk (I always send a copy though…). Oh well…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

This simply means making your blog/post rank better/higher on search engines when someone searches for the topic your blog/post is talking about (=increased traffic!).

Keywords– A very important part of SEO, choosing the right keywords is a challenging but greatly rewarding process. Its optimum use will lead to a huge amount of search engine referral traffic with higher conversion chances. What this basically means is that if for example you are writing about blogging, your post should be rich in keywords that relate to this topic like blog, blogger, blog post and blogs.

NB: Jamming your post with keywords haphazardly will only make you look foolish. In any case, what happens when you put too much salt in your food? Exactly.

Meta tagsInclude the Title tags,Meta description tags and Meta Keyword tag. If you expertly put in the relevant keywords herein, you can rest assured some traffic will be coming your way!!

Social media marketing– If you Google search ThaBizzKid, you will find that it shows ThaBizzKid on Twitter and Facebook as well. And since many people are on the social networking sites most of their online time, it makes perfect sense to promote your blog using the various social media, right?

Quality content:

Truth be told, I’d rather post a paragraph of quality material than post any at all. Why waste the readers’ (and mine too) time reading nonsense? In any case, do you think anyone would make a return trip after such an ordeal? Right.

Make your content unique and dynamic, something to set you apart from the rest…

It helps your SEO a great deal as well.

Passion, dedication, consistency:

Unless you are being forced to wake up and write your blogs, please do not subject your readers to mental torture!! Make ‘em wannna read line, after line, after line… like a good book would. Grab their attention and make them hang onto your every word.

The title of your post and your first line are especially important. If they succeed to grab your reader’s attention, they successfully convince him/her to read the rest of the story.

By putting yourself in your readers’ shoes, you will know what they want and how they want it. So you better give it to them that way.You should be able to express your genuine feelings towards the subject matter and make the reader feel it. This gives you and your reader a connection.

How often do you publish your posts? Weekly? Monthly? Randomly? I have realized from experience that the more

frequent your posts, the more readership you get = more referrals = more traffic! Easy, right? Mmmmhhhh… you better find that out for yourself (a little homework won’t hurt).

Last but by no means least, you ought to be consistent. If you keep your readers guessing, let them wonder to what heights you have risen this time round, not how low you’ve gone. If anything, every new post should be better than the previous one, if not as good.


The above tips are just a summary; every point is a broad topic on its own. These were just pointers to give you a rough picture as to what is required of you as a blogger in this ever-growing blog-sphere. For sure I haven’t covered everything; I hope to hear from you soon as you comment on this post. What have I left out?


Until next time…


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