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OMG I’m in a blogging slump!!

You stare at your computer and it stares back. Your mind just doesn’t seem to do anything (well, it seems to be doing everything else but think). You’re almost upside down by now trying to think what your next topic will be… and yes, you’re blank!! Totally clueless!!!

It has never ceased to amaze me how dense I can be at times, I mean, Lil Mama makes singing a mega hit ‘bout lip-gloss look easy!!! And here I am stuck as to what my next blog post should be about!!

I’m looking for some kind of excuse to justify this rather unfortunate phenom that happens to timely occur when you desperately need to meet deadlines… maybe I could say I’m only human and that I ain’t perfect. That’s too cliché. The truth of the matter is it’s here with me and I gotta deal with it. And fast. But how???

EvenKobedoesn’t always drop a hot 61 pts in every game. There are his A-games and his Z-games. But he always finds a way to bring out his A-game after one of his Z-games.

Today was one of those blue days. I was totally blank, so I opened the word processor and stared at it for some time (I was hoping it would inspire me about something J …). Two cups of cocoa and a game of cards later, I decided to watch a little T.V (for two whole hoursL!!!). This got me back to staring at the monitor. This time round, I made amends such that I wasn’t merely glaring at the monitor like some confused bimbo, I started typing about how clueless I was and Walla!! This article was born!!

It has never been easy getting out of a slump. Remember so much is at stake here, the deadlines and all… how do you get yourself out of one of these?



Until next time…


I got my own!!

Hello everybody! I’m so excited that I finally got my own blog! I’m now part of the ever busy-ever growing  blogger network! I hope you will stay with me through this journey as We (you and I that is…) grow step by step and make this blog  world-class!

Until next time…